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Tom Cunningham with many friends
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Tom Cunningham with many friends
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Warts and All-30 years of the music of Tom Cunningham

In the past 30 or so years, I’ve been recorded on roughly 15 albums worth of music, by myself and with lots of other incredible musicians. From bluegrass to swing, contra dance music to sublime solo guitar and original waltzes, much of it composed by me, here is a summation of my musical life. Over 200 tracks: fiddle, mandolin, guitar, singing, speaking. I hope you enjoy it!

The Music:

Hot Coffee Breakdown-One Day In June… (2018)
North Carolina Breakdown-Old Joe
Centerville*-Waiting For The Tinkers*
Serita’s House*
Let Go The Coconut*-Jessica
Rainy Day 101
Soon You’ll Be Gone*-Sevens
Crossing The Muscatatuck Again*
Cliffs of Moher-Otters’ Holt
Rain At Table Rock*
Old Maid Of Galway-On Green Bottom Road*

Tom Cunningham with Kate Sanders-Remembering Sue (2016)
Remembering Sue*
Divine Lorraine*
Cynthiana, Indiana*
Black Mamba Waltz*
Baba and Tabouli*
Prairie Waltz #2*
Snake Oil
Heart of Ashes
Los Pollos Hermanos*
Waltz For An Endless Spring
Ophelia Payne*
Half Light
Jack’s Wood Thrush Waltz*
Queen Anne’s Chalice*
At The Bend In The Road*

Coffee Zombies-Percolatin’ (2013)
Farewell To Chernobyl-Spinning Room-Paddy Drops His Cellphone
Get Thee To A Sconerie*-Jug Juice*
The Sheik Of Araby-Just Because-Airmail Special
Ghost Moon Over Carolina-Hommage a Led Zeppelin
Flying Home To Shelly-Jack Tar-Cooley’s
Inez And Elizabeth*
Catharsis-Bus Stop Reel
Out On The Ocean-Blue Jig
Johnnie’s Wedding-In Zanesville*
I Don’t Like Ike*-Farewell To January*-Shenandoah Falls
Waltz Of The Morning
Julia Delaney’s-Evil Diane-Tam Lin

Coffee Zombies-Good To The Last Beat (2011)
Vladi On The Trans-Siberian-Platinum Pig*
Nail That Catfish-McGee’s Reel-Homage a Edmond Parizeau
Silk Road-Squirrel Hunters
Crested Hens
Fred Bartell-Indian Point-Unknown Jig*
Back Home Again In Indiana-Sweet Georgia Brown-Charleston
Green Willis-St. Thomas
Rambling Pitchfork-Gallagher’s Frolics-Waiting On Jim*
Sixburgh*-Velcro Dog*
Pelagia’s Lament*
Connaughtsmans Rambles-Silver Spear-Star Of Munster
Winds Of Butchertown*-Heather’s Concussion-March Of The Coffee Zombies*

Doghouse Serenaders-untitled, unreleased
It Don’t Mean A Thing
Track 5 jam
Kentucky Means Paradise
Kentucky Bourbon
Trouble In Mind
The Last Fair Deal
Noah Blues

Hot Club of Derbytown-Farewell To January (2009)
Ross’ Reel #4-Reel de Montreal
Julia Delaney’s-Evil Diane-Tam Lin
Canine Lullaby*
28th Of January-Elzic’s Farewell
I Don’t Like Ike*-Farewell To January*-Shenandoah’s Falls
The Wild One-Three Black Cats
Big John MacNeil-Growlin’ Old Man, Grumblin’ Old Woman-Stop Press
Billy In The Lowground-Paddy In The Outhouse*-Temperance Reel
Valse Lorraine*
Stone’s Rag-Peacock Rag-Jumpin’ At The Gym
The Winds Of Butchertown*-Heather’s Concussion-March Of The Coffee Zombies*

Hot Club of Derbytown-Live At the Thomas Family Winery (2006)
Minnie The Moocher
Deep River Blues
Tchavalo Swing
Smoke, Smoke Smoke (That Cigarette)
Brain Cloudy Blues
After You’ve Gone
Kentucky Means Paradise
Hal C. Blake
Talking Head Blues
Have A Little Dream On Me
Knock, Knock
Sweet Georgia Brown

Tom Cunningham’s FiddleTales (2005)
Fiddle Medley
The Mountain Whippoorwill
Turkey In The Straw
Maple’s Lament
Lonesome Fiddle Blues
Jack Of Diamonds-Big Scioty
Tennessee Waltz
Beaumont Rag
Tennessee Stud
Vivaldi’s Dream
Travelin’ Man
The Devil Went Down To Georgia
The Farmer And The Mousetrap-Orange Blossom Special

Rank Strangers-Paint The Town Tonight (2003)
You Better Get Right (Little Darlin’)
I Still Carry You Around
Lonesome Fiddle Blues
Streets Of Bakersfield
Paint The Town Tonight
Cold, Cold Love
Duncan and Brady
I’m Still In Love With You
Don’t Be Cruel
The Florida Blues
A Faded Rose
I’ll Never Shed Another Tear
The Likes Of You
Galway Girl
The Bareknuckle Breakdown
The Oakmont Caddy Song
California Cottonfields
Gold Rush
Come Back Little Darling
It’s Goodbye And So Long To You

Flying Cunninghams-Live At Thirsty’s, Liftoff (2001)
Hello-Dark Hollow
Sweet Temptation
Smoky Mountain Rag
River Jordan
Don’t Fall In Love With A Rambler
Pancho And Lefty
Monkey And The Engineer
Six Days On The Road
I’ll Stay Around
Ain’t Misbehavin’
In The Mood
Back Up And Push

Flying Cunninghams-Live At Thirsty’s, Landing (2001)
Diesel And Propane
You Don’t Knock
Pig In A Pen
Walls Of Time
Get In The Wind
Race Is On
Last Song For Shelby Jean
Travelin’ Man
My Heart’s In Carolina
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
Orange Blossom Special

Swing Shifters-Jasmine Jitterbug (1996)
Choo Choo Ch’Boogie
I Wish That I Was Back In Cincinnati*
Here I Go
Rock-A-Bye, Baby, Rock
Pelagia’s Lament*
Fifth Avenue Strut*
The Ballad Of Dr. X*
Jasmine Jitterbug*
Rock This Town
Take The ‘A’ Train
Late Night Waltz

Tom Cunningham-Acoustic Intervention (1992)
Acoustic Intervention*
Carson Street Cakewalk*
Untitled Blues*
Not The Famous Restaurant*
Fifth Avenue Strut*
Walking To Timbuktu*
Catch It If You Can*
Eighth Of May*
Aunt Sue’s Cheesecake*
G String Thing*
Little Django*
Let Go The Coconut*
That’s It!?!

Tom Cunningham-Acoustic Guitar Open House (1991)
Out In My Backyard*
Scratch Me Where It Itches*
A Gift For You*
Hymn Medley (In Christ There Is-Let Us Break Bread Together-America The Beautiful)
Little Martha
Three Finger Boogie*
Runaway Guitar*
Lovers’ Quarrel-CAGE 1365*
Bruno’s Song*
It Was Just A Little Ditty*
Krud’s Rag*

Flying Cunninghams-Misbehavin’ (1990)
Diesel And Propane
Aunt Sue’s Cheesecake*
She Is You To Me
Krud’s Rag*
Ain’t Misbehavin’
The Fields Have Turned Brown
Fifth Avenue Strut*
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

Waitin’ For The Other Shoe To Fall*
Suicidal Pigeon*
The Old OOO-18*
Radar Love
Honeysuckle Rose
Swing 42
Old Time Rock And Roll
*written completely or partly by Tom Cunningham

The Other (wonderful) Musicians:

Hot Coffee Breakdown: Kate Sanders (keyboard), Luis de Leon (percussion)
Remembering Sue: Kate Sanders, Mike Schroeder (mandolin), Bob Douglas (percussion), Todd Hildreth (accordion), Cecelia Huerta-Lauf (cello)
Coffee Zombies: Dianna Davis (keyboard, clarinet, accordion, foot percussion), Bob Douglas
Doghouse Serenaders: Blue Murphy, Phil Stirgwolt, Gary Falk
Hot Club of Derbytown: Jim Webb, Blue Murphy
Rank Strangers: Rich Graham (banjo, vocals), Mike Byrnes (mandolin, vocals), Dave Arndt (guitar, vocals), Damian Helbling (bass)
Flying Cunninghams: Sue (fiddle, vocals) and Steve (bass, vocals) Cunningham, also Mark Weakland (percussion), Tony Hannigan (mandolin, vocals) on Live At Thirsty’s
Swing Shifters: John Obremski (guitar, vocals), Dave Yates (bass), Leslie Clark (vocals), Deborah Brooks (vocals), Charles May (violin)
Acoustic Intervention: Sue Cunningham, Mark Weakland, Henry Shapiro (bass)
Extras: Dean Shumaker, Jim Webb (guitar, vocals), Blue Murphy (bass, vocals)