The FiddleTales Show

This is what the FiddleTales show is all about:

Tom Cunningham’s latest one-man production: FiddleTales creates a folksy character that could have been taken directly from Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? Using Appalachian humor and charm, Tom weaves old-time fiddle-tunes, songs and stories into a moving program which captivates audiences.

Hear an interview and preformance with Tom on the Saturday Light Brigade Radio Show from Pittsburgh: Click here

Now, view video of Tom performing his FiddleTalesshow on the Pickin’ Ranch TV program- Click here

FiddleTales features familiar favorites like The Tennessee Waltz, Orange Blossom Special and Turkey In The Straw; tall tales like How Hill-Billy Jim Won The Great Fiddlers’ Prize by Stephen Vincent Benet; and some of Tom’s own stories, featuring Tom’s famous talking fiddle. Tom brings in his academic alter-ego, Professor Longwind, to explain the difference between the violin and the fiddle. Showing his obvious love for his material, Tom combines his mastery of musical and theatric art, all the while pulling it off with the relaxed ease of a seasoned performer and a twinkle in his ey