Sampler CD, Tom Cunningham and Friends
Being a compendium of the best of Tom’s acoustic music, recorded with:
The Flying Cunninghams, The Rank Strangers, The Hot Club of Derbytown, The Swing Shifters, Dean Shumaker and of course, his own self.

1 The Old 000-18
2 Florida Blues
3 Waitin’ For The Other Shoe To Fall
4 Aunt Sue’s Cheesecake
5 The Ballad Of Dr. X
6 Lonesome Fiddle Blues
7 Radar Love
8 Krud’s Rag
9 Suicidal Pigeon
10 Honeysuckle Rose
11 It Don’t Mean A Thing
12 Jack Of Diamonds/Big Scioty
13 Fifth Avenue Strut
14 Pelagia’s Lament
15 The Mountain Whippoorwill
16 Swing 42
17 Beaumont Rag
18 Old Time Rock and Roll
19 Travelin’ Man
20 Arches