Paint The Town Red

Paint The Town Red, The Rank Strangers
Hot pickin’ by Pittsburgh’s Tallest Bluegrass Band-Dave Arndt, guitar; Rich Graham, banjo, Tom Cunningham, fiddle; Mike Byrnes, mandolin; Damian Helbling, bass.

1. You Better Get Right (Little Darlin’) (Bill Monroe) Dave Arndt – vocals
2. I Still Carry You Around (Steve Earle) Rich Graham – vocals
3. Lonesome Fiddle Blues (Millie Clements)
4. Streets of Bakersfield (Homer Joy) Mike Byrnes – vocals
5. Paint the Town Tonight (Marty Stuart) Dave Arndt – vocals
6. Cold Cold Love (Jake Jenkins) Mike Byrnes – vocals
7. Duncan and Brady (Traditional) Mike Byrnes – vocals
8. I’m Still In Love With You (Steve Earle) Rich Graham – vocals
9. Don’t Be Cruel (Otis Blackwell and Elvis Presley) Dave Arndt – vocals
10. The Florida Blues (Arthur Smith)
11. A Faded Rose (Buddy Starcher & Clarke van Ness) Dave Arndt – vocals
12. I’ll Never Shed Another Tear (Lester Flatt) Dave Arndt – vocals
13. The Likes of You (George Jones) Rich Graham – vocals
14. Galway Girl (Steve Earle) Rich Graham – vocals
15. The Bareknuckle Breakdown (Rich Graham)
16. The Oakmont Caddy Song (Mike Byrnes) Mike Byrnes – vocals
17. California Cotton Fields (D. Frazier and E. Montgomery) Mike Byrnes – vocals
18. Gold Rush (Bill Monroe)
19. Come Back Darling (Lester Flatt) Dave Arndt – vocals
20. It’s Goodbye and So Long To You (Raymond Coutere and Harold Breau) Mike Byrnes – vocals