Good To The Last Beat

Good To The Last Beat, Coffee Zombies

The Coffee Zombies’ (Tom Cunningham-fiddle, guitar; Bob Douglas-percussion, guitar;
Dianna Davis-keyboard, clarinet, accordion, foot percussion) celebrated inaugural release of hot contra dance music, plus a couple of waltzes

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1. Vladi on the Trans-Siberian(D. Bartley)/Platinum Pig*

2. Nail That Catfish (S. Rosen)/McGee’s Reel/Homage a Edmond Parizeau

3. Silk Road (H. Burhans)/Squirrel Hunters

4. Crested Hens (G. Chabenat)

5. Fred Bartell (W. Welling)/Indian Point (R. Mohr)/Unknown Jig*

6. Back Home In Indiana/Sweet Georgia Brown/Charleston

7. Green Willis/St. Thomas (S. Rollins)

8. Rambling Pitchfork/Gallagher’s Frolics/Waiting On Jim*

9. Sixburgh*/Velcro Dog*

10. Pelagia’s Lament*

11. Connaughtsman’s Rambles/Silver Spear/Star Of Munster

12. Winds of Butchertown*/Heather’s Concussion (N. van Norstrand)/March of the Coffee Zombies*

*-composed by Tom Cunningham