Fiddle Tales

The FiddleTales CD, Tom Cunningham
The newest from Tom-songs and stories from Tom’s FiddleTales show and more, with Tom on Fiddle, Mandolin and Guitar

1. Fiddle Sawyer/Needlecase/Soldiers’ Joy/Whiskey Before Breakfast/Arkansas Traveler-trad., arr. Tom Cunningham
2. The Mountain Whippoorwill (or How Hillbilly Jim Won The Great Fiddlers’ Contest))-Stephen Vincent Benet, arr. Tom Cunningham
3. Turkey In The Straw-trad., arr. Tom Cunningham
4. Maple’s Lament-Laurie Lewis
5. Lonesome Fiddle Blues-Millie Clements
6. Jack Of Diamonds/Big Scioty-trad., arr. Tom Cunningham
7. Tennessee Waltz-Redd Stewart, PeeWee King
8. Beaumont Rag-trad., arr. Tom Cunningham
9. Tennessee Stud-Jimmie Driftwood
10. Vivaldi’s Dream-trad., arr. Tom Cunningham, with apologies to Antonio Vivaldi
11. Travelin’ Man-Pink Anderson
12. The Devil Went Down To Georgia-Charlie Daniels
13. The Farmer And The Mousetraps/Orange Blossom Special-Tom Cunningham/Ervin T. Rouse